We're moving to Uncute.com

Hey there,
I wanted to let you know that Hashtag Collectibles has become Uncute.com and tell you a little about why – don’t worry, we’ve still got the goods and actually much more.

So this is what’s up. My friends and I took time during the pandemic to really think about life and what we care about. Sure, we make cute things but what’s the point if the world around us sucks? It was time for a change, to build something that makes a real impact on people's lives.

We decided on a new name that is a shout-out to anyone who’s ever felt “uncute” or like they don’t fit in, and our mission is to spread joy and inclusivity with plushies and apparel we don't see anywhere else. That’s why this new store is launched in tandem with an actual nonprofit, The Uncute Initiative and a portion of all our proceeds will help homeless and runaway youth. Honestly, it's the least we can do.

We know change can be scary but we’re pretty pumped - we’ve still got all your favorite items, and also a mission we're excited about :-)

Thank you for all the love and support!
Zack + Team Uncute